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Wake up Damn PDX Parents, it's spring

Hi. This community is pretty dead, isn't it?
Please tell me about your favorite farmer's market.

I am fond of the very small farmer's market in Forest Grove. It usually starts in May.

I have also been to this one:

Saturdays, May - October
8:00am to 1:30pm
Downtown Hillsboro

Are there any year-round markets I should know about?

Fellow pinko-commie hippie parents, or friends/family of pinko-commie hippie parents. If you live on the West side, and potentially even if you don't, check out Mud Puddles toy store in Sherwood.

It's all high-quality mostly green produced developmental and educational toys, but still tons of fun stuff. Mostly fabric and wood, and what is plastic is mostly post-consumer recycled. Lots of fun stuff for kids of all ages. It's slightly more expensive than Target/Toys R Us, etc., but not much, and usually for good reason. Nice to support a local indepentent, too.

I'm in no way affiliated with this store, I just think they kick-ass. I wish I'd known about this place when our first kid was born three years ago.
Fellow Parental Units, I've uploaded 15 episodes of The Busy World of Richard Scarry to demonoid.com.

This is a great animated version of Richard Scarry's Busytown characters - really good family/community messages, and frankly one of the best animated series for kids I've seen. I don't mind watching it, either - they didn't dumb it down at all. Unfortunately this series is not available anywhere but on OnDemand, so I burned some off using my camcorder so that we'd have them if DirectTV ever stops offering them.
 Hey, ya damn parents:
Anyone have have any recommendations on good childcare/daycare places? We're thinking about putting our 14 month-old in for a few days a week. SouthEast would be best.
Any 'do-not-go-here' places I should avoid? Thanks.

Dec. 29th, 2008

 Does anyone know of any kid/baby friendly events for New Year's Eve? I want to get all gussied up fancy-like, but need to be able to bring the babe. 
Anybody have any experience with Touchstone pre-school/elementary, on the W side?

Starting to look at schools for the boy. If it helps set context, he'll probably be reading before he's three, but is still, in many ways, very much a two year-old, socially.


I am in need of a babysitter rec's. I am in inner SE (Reed/Woodstock) and am looking for someone who can watch a  3month old. Pretty much 2-3 times a month nights/weekends.

Any suggestions?

homeschool possibilities

yep, there are some great schools in pdx, but, we just moved and i have been super busy and we may not even find a school that has availability near us, so we are continuing our homeschooling for now. may turn out that we just like it better anyways.

1) please share any info about NON-EXTREMIST ie. christian, etc. homeschool groups. we are pretty punk alternative and NOT interested in fielding other people's insecurities about diversity.

2) my roommate has a masters in physics (also did a semester as an unpaid intern at harvard!) and is a licensed substitute teacher. zhe can teach anything...i am thinking math and science. if anyone would like to GO IN ON tutoring, i was thinking it would be more financially reasonable to have a few kids doing weekly or bi-weekly tutoring with my roommate as a group. we could pay like $5 each per child and then my roomie would get a fair shake and we wouldn't be pushing our own budgets.

tutoring would include simple but fun experiments, as well as whatever other things individual kids are working on. my roomie is really nice and fun, and loves teaching. when i mentioned this idea, zhe was brainstorming like crazy on making the learning fun and good.

this would be at our house, unless we go on an outing say to OMSI or a nature preserve or something. we have a mid sized trampoline and two yards, as well as indoor space that is smoke and pet free (except upstairs where my son and i have a ferret). we are conveniently located just inside the cully neighborhood off of killingsworth.

please get back to me with your thoughts. as i mentioned in 1), we are also looking to network with other homeschoolers in general for outings, what have you. any websites, etc., are helpful.

Yes! We did!

I was my daughter's age, 9, the year Dr. King was shot. I saw Nixon and his cancerous bunch of thieves rise to power and then descend in the flames of Watergate. I watched body-count updates on the nightly news while a hopeless, pointless war raged in Vietnam. I cast my first presidential vote for Jimmy Carter, then went on a presidential losing streak for a decade or so after that. Moon landings. Shuttle explosions. Bay of Pigs. JFK. Whip Inflation Now. It's the Economy, Stupid. W. 9-11.

32 years of being old enough to vote, lots of wars, protests, social shifts, victory, defeat, victories that turned to defeat. Nine presidential elections. Nine times picking between white guys.

This was my favorite vote I've ever cast. I'm the face of the old America -- white, middle-aged. I'm happy that I'm here to watch, incredulous, as the reigns of power are gracefully accepted by someone with a face so much different than mine.

Sleep well. Get to work tomorrow.

Right on.